Company Background

SensorKing Company was formed in 2005, in Shanghai , China. SensorKing has been the most reliable supplier for nearly 10 years.


In 2006, SensorKing Company  setup a plant which is  more than 1600 square meters in Wujing New Industry Park with 4 floor office building in Shanghai, China. Our plant own advanced facilityies, which includes: CNC machines, palstic injection machines, stamping machines, PCB assembly lines, sodaring machines, wireharness automation cutting and stamping machines, products final assembly lines and many test stands and instruments.

Our Team 

We have our own experienced professional R&D team. Most of the team members have many years of working experience in US and European countries. This makes us have quick reaction on customerized product development.


Our Products

Products range covers speed sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, tachograph system and accessories, meters, etc.   

Our Customers

Our customers are from more than 20 countries. We are willing to keep long term partnerships with our customers.

Our Values:



l          always does the right thing – lawfully, honestly

l          builds trust and credibility by doing what s/he says s/he will do

l          communicates bad news as well as good news

l          avoids corporate politics


l          provides increasing returns to shareholders

l          prioritizes business and team success over personal success

l          understands and wants to grow as an individual

l          thinks in and out of the box

l          challenges the status quo


l          respects the ideas and contributions of others

l          understands the impact of actions on the rest of the business and Actuant

l          believes Open Doors + Open Discussions and Debate = Better Solutions

l          embraces diversity and the global team

l          inspires and energizes others

l          treats others fairly and with respect

Drive to LEAD

l          embraces LEAD and continuous improvement

l          sees change as opportunity

l          seeks out best practices

l          strives to develop simple solutions for complex problems

l          continuously learns and develops self

l          seeks and welcomes feedback


l          takes initiative and has passion for the business

l          results oriented

l          meets commitments to achieve business objectives

l          decisive - biased toward action

l          demonstrates speed and intensity

l          can be counted on to get things done

l          accepts responsibility for actions and results

Customer focused

l          exceeds customer expectations

l          seeks out Voice of the Customer

l          understands and anticipates customer needs

l         always strives for lower cost/higher quality solutions