RVEZ14B Gravity auto ajust holder for mobile phone

Universal holder, easy to cllip at outlet for 4.5-6 inch mobile phone

1. Automatic adjustment, easy to take and place
2. Modern technology, securely clip mobile phone
3. Universal rotation ball, adjust the angle at any time

4. Flexible silicone at clip, non-slip and not hurt the car

5. Convenient charging


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CZCDQ02ZM Charger, quick charge version QC3.0, dual USB output

Quick charge version QC3.0, dual output, intelligent temperature control, 5  security protection, compatible ios & android equipment

input:DC12V to DC24V , car cigarette socket

output: 5V: 3AX2, 9V: 2AX2 , 12V: 1.5AX2, USB output, 3rd output available for  rear seat passengers

power: <=90W

Product dimension: 69.4 mm x 26.6 mm x 26.6 mm


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